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The video collaboration tool to help you grow & manage your home services business.We know your time is money. Growing your business means getting more projects that are worthwhile, handling each as efficiently as possible, and leaving behind a satisfied customer — and a positive review.Get a Demo
Industries on Streem
Streem is the top choice for companies committed to providing an exceptional customer experience, improved team communication, and with the desire to shape the future of their industry.
GCs & Remodelers
For ProsOne easy-to-use application to make your business hum – and it fits in your pocket.
Invite Customers
Save time & travel by connecting with your customers through HD video to give remote quotes, support, and more.
Invite Customers Save time & travel by connecting with your customers through HD video to give remote quotes, support, and more.
Toolkit Use a laser pointer or 3D arrow to more efficiently direct the conversation.
Capture InformationAt the tap of a button, remotely capture HD photos, serial numbers, model numbers, and measurements.
Record & ShareRecord videos and photos with AR, then easily share them with your team, customers, or CRM system.
How do Pros use Streem?
Remote Quotes
Remote Support
Team Collaboration
Pros often spend 40%-60% of their day in transit. Streem allows you to give more quotes and get more of the right projects, all from wherever you are.
How can Streem improve your business?
Get the job - quote to contractUsing our intelligent video platform, you can assess, scope and quote jobs without setting foot in your customer’s house. Capture video, measurements, and annotations — and review them all after the call for accuracy and clarity in your quotes. You can even share the calls with your team, if you need to put your heads together.This means you can create more bids, book more jobs and serve your customers well — all in far less time. And if you do need to visit the site, you’ve already got enough information (and maybe even the parts) to hit the ground running.
Do the work - from start to finishSince you’ve already captured video and audio of the job site, handing information off to your team is seamless and quick. If they need additional help while on the job, they can review the original footage or start a new Streem call with another team member or supervisor to get the right answers to any question, quickly and easily.With Streem, you can create bulletproof plans that help your team execute the job on time, on budget, and with fewer change orders.
Support your customers - now and in the futureNo more wasting time on house calls; now you can instantly get all the information you need. Ask your questions and get instant answers — from anywhere in the world. Streem helps you get the job done right, on time, and at a fraction of the cost. Customers love the convenience and security. You love the time savings and competitive edge.Everyone wins.
Streem helped make our quoting process faster and more convenient. It's helped set us apart from the competition -- and our customers love it.
Kory Arntson
Owner - Handyman Matters PDX
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Streem FAQs
Quick answers to our most frequently asked questions.Take a look.
What are the requirements to use Streem on my phone?
Streem supports iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android - the two largest mobile platforms in the world.
What kinds of companies are using Streem?
Plumbers, general contractors, electricians, handymen, painters, smart home integrators, HVAC, and real estate professionals to name a few.

If you'd like to talk about your specific business and how Streem could help your team - we're happy to share more success stories and use cases. Click the chat icon (in the bottom right corner of the website) or email us at [email protected]
Can I set up a trial of Streem for my company?
Yes we do. If you are interested in setting up a pilot for your company, please email us at [email protected].

One of our Streem representatives will reach out to you quickly.
Do my customers need to download an app to use Streem?
Yes, to ensure the highest Streem call quality and use all of our digital tools a quick download is needed - and we've made it incredibly easy.
1. A Pro on Streem you will invite a customer via the pro app, the customer will instantly recieve a text message with a link.
2. Customer taps to install.
3. The customer is taken directly to your profile, and then they tap to begin the Streem.

Your customers don't have to create an account, remember another password or go searching for an app in the app store.
We strive to make the world's experts more accessible.
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