Products Easy to use interactive video that gets work done

A platform for more powerful communication

Streem® is built to connect you to your customers and team instantly. Work together to diagnose or resolve issues—remotely and on demand. Send someone on site armed with the data to do the work right the first time.

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Features Our toolset

SMB Plans

Fast, easy-to-use interactive video chat for field services, trades & real estate teams up to 50 people.

  • StreemCore® AR video calls from a desktop or smartphone
  • StreemShot® intelligent photos
  • Scan and capture product details automatically with OCR
  • Start with 1,000 monthly minutes, 3 months storage & up to 10 Streem Pros

Enterprise Plans

Enhanced AR & AI, customization & scale for large CX teams, utilities, service groups, or call centers.

  • 5-minute CRM embed, flexible REST API & custom integrations via SDK
  • Remote AR measurements & 3D meshing
    (SLAM & Photogrammetry)
  • Web-based admin portal with batch accounts upload & enhanced support
  • Secure scalable infrastructure
    (GDPR, CCPA)
  • Unlimited storage & discounts for additional minutes
  • Custom branding, terms & conditions & follow-up surveys

Modular Features

Remote Streem

See what the customer sees without rolling a truck. Use the guidance tools to steer the discussion, ensure accurate understanding & collect information to resolve the problem the first time.

Onsite Streem

Already on site and want to capture info for your records or to share with the team? No need to connect to someone else. You can still use the Streem toolset to capture what you need.


It's like a photo, but smarter. StreemShot® scans & maps spaces to calculate measurements, automatically detect serial and model numbers, & recognize objects. Streem gives you more context than ever.

Capture Rich Data Save, share & learn

Rich contextual data captured during streem can be stored & easily shared via our APIs or a shareable link. Use the data for training, more prepared on-site visits, and to improve processes and products.

Features Anywhere, any industry

Streem® technology is being used by large enterprises and small businesses alike, in a wide range of industries.

Streem offers a glimpse of the true potential of AR.
Charlie Fink – Forbes

Features Easily integrate our SDK

Web platform
The Streem web portal allows your experts or call-center agents to use streem via their desktop environment.
Integrate the Streem SDK into your branded apps. Allow your customers to connect with your experts or call center directly from your apps.
Modular features
Integrate StreemShots, on-site streem, remote streems, or the entire Streem experience, into your branded apps.
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Technical Integration

Integrate SDK into your native apps
Integrate SDK into your website
No customer downloads needed
Initiate Video/AR calls via web
Modular tools; turn on/off functionality
Minimal surface area
Native calling integration
Rest API

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