Streem Team Making the world's expertise
more accessible.

Reimagining the customer experience through the camera

Our Mission

At a time when you can summon services on-demand, we aim to make the world's expertise just as accessible. For consumers, Streem™ makes customer assistance more convenient and immediate. Streem™ saves time and money.

Our Tech

We're focused on creating simple and delightful customer service. While our tech is sophisticated, our user experience is not. Computer vision, machine learning, object recognition, pose tracking & spatial mapping all happens under the hood. It just works.

Our Experience

We have experience building machine learning and computer vision software since 2010. We have some stellar patents, an experienced exec team, and an understanding of what it takes to deliver enterprise-grade software while creating a delightful customer experience.

Who Our team.

Ryan Fink
CEO, Co-Founder
Sean Adkinson
CTO, Co-Founder
Jef Holove
Ty Frackiewicz
VP Product
Jim Cahill
VP Sales
Ghislain Tasse
Director of Computer Vision
Gary Peck
Principal Architect
Jason Goetz
Engineering Manager
Hang Dao
Lead QA Engineer
Trey Trahin
Principal Product Engineer
Andrea Gram
Marketing and HR Manager
Dr. Flora Tasse
Principal Research Scientist
Dr. Pavan Kumar
Head of Computer Vision Reasearch
Teressa Chizeck
Principal UX Designer
Andrew Grewell
Senior Software Engineer
David Martin
Software Engineer
Brian Gram
Manager, Customer Success
Wade Radcliffe
Head of Partnerships
Justin Kent
Senior Project Manager
Stephen Emery
Android Engineer
Kaitlyn Anderson
Android Engineer
Pete Soloway
Visual Designer
Nick DeGroot
Engineering Intern

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QA Engineer

Senior UX Designer

Senior UX Researcher

Full Stack Software Engineer

Customer Success Manager

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