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Better than being there.


Streem is Streem is an intelligent camera. It beams an expert into the home to help guide, resolve, and bring confidence to the task at hand.


Core Revolutionize how you communicate.

a more human connection.

Versatility A few ways Streem is being used.



Diagnose and troubleshoot remotely for faster resolution times and happier customers.


Insurance claims

Provide instant, remote responses with better documentation than an on-site visit.


Home inspections

Document a home's condition at the homeowner's convenience, without rolling a truck.


Team collaboration

Share knowledge and expertise across your team in real time and in the field.

& many more...

a customer connection platform.

The Difference A look under the hood

Streem makes the camera intelligent by using computer vision, spatial mapping, and machine learning to understand the world’s context.

cutting edge of customer service.

Easy for businesses & customers.